3-D Surface-Integrated Touch-Sensor System for Automotive HMI Applications


3-D Surface-Integrated Touch-Sensor System for Automotive HMI Applications


In the automotive industry, management panels and décor components are designed as separate elements that are geometrically and discretely combined. This significantly limits the technical variations of the look and therefore the compactness of the development. In this paper , the fusion of the control panel and the ornamental surface to form a practical 3-D surface is presented. The approach is predicated on the integration of a bit sensor-based mostly management and sensor module into a free-form decorative surface. For this purpose, an automotive-appropriate touch sensor foil is used, created by silver paste screen printing technology. This highly sensitive touch sensor, which immediately reacts to the user’s touch by a visible feedback, creates a control of wonderful quality. The mixing of this sensor module into the ornamental surface combined with display components is completed by an innovative affiliation concept. Herewith, the bounds of the decorative surface are compensated for and the bit sensor performances, also as the transmittance properties, are reproducible and strong. The sensor module encompasses a local interconnect network-bus interface and meets the automotive needs.

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