A Compact Tri-Band Dual-Polarized Corner-Truncated Sectoral Patch Antenna


A Compact Tri-Band Dual-Polarized Corner-Truncated Sectoral Patch Antenna


A coaxial probe-fed sector formed patch antenna with the 3 corners truncated generates a triple band resonance by using the upper order modes of the patch. A fourth sectoral indentation is employed to tune the third band. The antenna is fabricated on an FR4 substrate of size $ 40;rm mm times 50;rm mm times 1.6;rm mm$ and experimentally investigated. The resonances cover the UMTS (one.92–a pair of.seventeen GHz), WiMAX (three.3–3.half dozen GHz), and also the ISM 5.two (five.one–5.3 GHz) bands with 10 dB return loss bandwidths of eleven.2percent, 5.14p.c, and 3.ninepercent, respectively, and 3-dB axial ratio bandwidth of 5.8% in the first band. The polarization is circular in the UMTS band and linearly orthogonal in the other two bands. The frequency ratio of the two linearly polarized bands is tunable in the range 1.thirty-nine–one.51. Area reductions of 6.half dozenpercent in the patch and 64percent in the bottom plane with respect to the work on disc sector patch antenna by Hsu et al. are obtained.

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