A Fabry–Pérot Antenna With Two-Dimensional Electronic Beam Scanning


A Fabry–Pérot Antenna With Two-Dimensional Electronic Beam Scanning


A unique fastened-frequency electronically steerable Fabry–Pérot Antenna (FPA) with electronic 2-dimensional (two-D) (azimuth and elevation) steering capability is presented. The configuration relies on a centrally fed Fabry–Pérot cavity (FPC) loaded with a tunable high impedance surface (HIS). Varactor diodes are used to electronically tune the HIS reflection coefficient, forming four azimuthal sectors that are independently controlled by four control signals, respectively. It’s demonstrated that this easy configuration generates a pencil beam that may be pointed to eight discrete azimuthal directions, whereas continuous elevation scanning is additionally attained simultaneously for each azimuthal direction by controlling the leaky-wave propagation constant. The theory, simulation analysis, and experimental results obtained from a prototype operating at five.five GHz are presented to validate the antenna design.

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