A Prototype for Blood Typing Based on Image Processing (Computer/Biomedical Project)

This paper presents a new methodology for blood phenotyping based on the plate test and on image processing techniques to determine the occurrence of agglutination (between blood sample and reagent).

A portable device for ABO-Rh blood typing and blood phenotying that automates all the analysis procedure, including mixture/centrifugation, reading and interpretation of results is presented. The system was tested with donor blood samples.

The process of determination of blood types is essential before administering a blood transfusion, but in some cases, due to the risk of the individual’s life, it is necessary to quickly administer blood.

In these emergency situations, there is no time to determine the blood type and so the procedure is to administer the blood type O negative (universal donor). Nevertheless, due to some incompatibilities transfusion reactions may occur that could lead to the death of the patient.
Source: Thinkmind
Authors: Ana Ferraz, Filomena Soares | Vitor Carvalho

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