An Analysis on Demand and Forecasting of Plastic Product (Management Project)

This is the project about an analysis on demand and forecasting of plastic product in Puducherry with reference to ACT Plastic Private Ltd. This may helpful to identify the demand of the plastic product in Puducherry areas.

This projects has following objectives:

  • To identify potential demand for the plastic product at different areas in Puducherry.
  • To estimate demand of plastic product in near future.
  • To find out the consumption rate of plastic product in Puducherry.
  • To study and understand the quality needs of plastic product by the customer.
  • To identify competitor market demand.

The Research design of this project, it contains 50 samples which were taken from plastic related company in Puducherry locations. This project analysed on the basis of two statistical tools such as percentage and weighted average tools. Finally the result of the study concluded that there is huge need of plastics will be demanded after two years in plastic sectors. Once the demands are identified, it would be possible for the management to take the necessary action to improve in getting highly sophisticated markets.

Download Demand and Forecasting Project

Download Demand and Forecasting Project Presentation

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