Automatic Water Pump Controller (Electrical Project)

In countries including Indonesia, Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, a city water authority supplies the clean water and pumps it into large ground-level storage tanks. A resident’s water pump then pumps the water to a water tank on top of his/her house.

When the water level in the ground-level storage tank becomes too low, the pump siphons air and shuts down, requiring a resident to manually prime the water pump to get it running again. Residents struggle to monitor the water level of the tanks effectively and keep the pump running properly. To remedy the issue, the Automatic Water Pump Controller (AWPC) system monitors the water levels and controls the pump as necessary to prevent breakdown and maximize water storage without overfilling the rooftop tank and wasting water.
Source: California Polytechnic State University
Authors: Alam D. Salguero | Kyle Russell Marquez Weeks

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