Coordinated Voltage Control With Online Energy Margin Constraints


Coordinated Voltage Control With Online Energy Margin Constraints


Based on data out there from section measurement units (PMUs), this paper proposes an energy margin constrained online coordinated voltage control (CVC) algorithm. First, the energy operate model is established, which relies on detailed device models that include the results of shunt capacitor banks, reactive power output of generators and under-load-tap-changers (ULTCs). So as to improve the computational potency, a Lie derivative-based technique is used to map the energy amendment into the system trajectory along the energy manifold. Then, the amendment of energy margin based mostly on the Lie spinoff is used as the target perform and therefore the reactive power margin is used as a constraint to formulate a linear programming problem. A coordinated strategy is proposed to help achieve the optimal answer when the linear programming downside is solved. As compared with the other control modes, the proposed technique improves the soundness margin and also the management effectiveness of voltage profile. Numerical results are provided for a 3-machine system, the IEEE-thirty bus system and the New England-thirty-nine bus benchmark system.

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