Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security


Cost-Effective Authentic and Anonymous Data Sharing with Forward Security


Information sharing has never been easier with the advances of cloud computing, and an correct analysis on the shared information provides an array of advantages to each the society and people. Information sharing with a large range of participants must take into account several issues, as well as efficiency, data integrity and privacy of knowledge owner. Ring signature could be a promising candidate to construct an anonymous and authentic knowledge sharing system. It allows a data owner to anonymously authenticate his information which can be place into the cloud for storage or analysis purpose. Nevertheless the pricey certificate verification in the ancient public key infrastructure (PKI) setting becomes a bottleneck for this resolution to be scalable. Identity-primarily based (ID-primarily based) ring signature, that eliminates the method of certificate verification, can be used instead. In this paper, we more enhance the security of ID-based mostly ring signature by providing forward security: If a secret key of any user has been compromised, all previous generated signatures that embrace this user still stay valid. This property is particularly important to any giant scale knowledge sharing system, as it’s impossible to raise all information homeowners to re-authenticate their data whether or not a secret key of 1 single user has been compromised. We tend to offer a concrete and economical instantiation of our scheme, prove its security and provide an implementation to indicate its practicality.

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