DNA Based Electrolyte/Separator for Lithium Battery Application (Electrical Project)

In this study, we demonstrated the use of DNA-CTMA (DC) in combination with PolyVinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) as a host matrix or separator for Lithium based electrolyte to form solid polymer/gel like electrolyte for potential application in Li-ion batteries.

The addition of DC provided a better thermal stability of the composite electrolyte as shown by the thermos-gravimetric analysis (TGA). The AC conductivity measurements suggest that the addition of DC to the gel electrolyte had no effect on the overall ionic conductivity of the composite. The obtained films are flexible with high mechanical stretch-ability as compared to the gel type electrolytes only.
Source: University of Dayton
Authors: Jitendra Kumar | Fahima Ouchen-Bouchendouka | Devin A. Smarra | Guru Subramanyam | James Grote

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