Doubly Ordered Sphere Decoding for Spatial Modulation


Doubly Ordered Sphere Decoding for Spatial Modulation


During this study, novel ordering algorithms of sphere decoding (SD) for spatial modulation (SM) are proposed to cut back the computational complexity. In the receive-ordering (Rx-ordering) scheme, the signals encountered at receive antennas are ordered to increase the probability of early termination during the search method. In distinction, the transmit-antenna indices and also the constellation points in the transmit-ordering (Tx-ordering) scheme are ordered on the basis of a suboptimal resolution, which is obtained from a subset of the received signals. To any cut back the computational complexity, the combined scheme of Rx-ordering and Tx-ordering is also presented. Simulation results show that SD aided by the proposed ordering schemes provides a substantial reduction within the computational complexity compared to existing SD algorithms in varied environments while achieving close to-optimal decoding performance.

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