Employee Retention: An integrative view of supportive human resource practices and perceived organizational support (Management Project)

With the intention to investigate the role of HR practices and the Perceived Organization Support (POS) in the process of key employee retention, this study developed a model that was empirically explored through the case studies of Secoroc and ABBCR in order to have such process examined in the managerial context of Swedish organizations.

Results indicate that in these companies the employees’ perceptions of support from the selected HR practices contribute to the development of POS and job satisfaction. The practices of growth opportunity and challenging work were indicated to be more significant for the retention of key employees in these companies. Interestingly, pay and the relationship between R&D managers and employees indicated to be of also crucial relevance in the process of retaining key employees.

Furthermore, there are indications that the Swedish management style signaled to be a facilitator element for the efficiency of such practices in generating job satisfaction for retaining employees. However, the surfaced data from this study indicated that employees of these companies are effectively committed to their managers and to their work rather than to the organization as a whole.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Patriota, Deisi

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