Evaluation of Cross-platform Development for Mobile Devices (Computer Project)

Developing an application for several platforms can be time consuming because each platform has its own operating system and different developing language. Cross-platform development makes it possible to develop an application that will work on several platforms.

This report will evaluate this kind of development by doing a case study for the company CGI. The case study will evaluate which cross-platform methodology is the preferred choice for this specific vacation booking application I developed for CGI.

The different methodologies I studied were web, hybrid, interpreted and cross-compiled. The preferred methodology for this vacation booking application I developed was in this case the hybrid alternative. When selecting this methodology I also chose two different tools and those two were Icenium and jQuery Mobile.

The purpose of this report was to find out if cross-platform development can be a substitute to native programming and by evaluating and developing cross-platform I found out that it can be a substitute if the application is not to complex. In this specific case I also believe that hybrid development is a good substitute to native development for this kind of applications.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Friberg, Joy

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