Learners Thrive Using Multifaceted Open Social Learner Modeling


Learners Thrive Using Multifaceted Open Social Learner Modeling


This article explores open social learner modeling (OSLM)-a social extension of open learner modeling (OLM). A particular implementation of this approach is presented by which learners’ self-direction and self-determination during a social e-learning context may be probably promoted. Unlike previous work, the proposed approach, multifaceted OSLM, lets the system seamlessly and adaptively embed visualization of each a learner’s own model and different learning peers’ models into completely different elements of the learning content, for multiple axes of context, at any time during the educational method. It also demonstrates the advantages of visualizing each learners’ performance and their contribution to a learning community. An experimental study shows that, contrary to previous research, the richness and complexity of this new approach absolutely affected the training expertise in terms of perceived effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. This text is part of special issue on social media for learning.

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