Miniaturized Circularly Polarized Loop Antenna for Biomedical Applications


Miniaturized Circularly Polarized Loop Antenna for Biomedical Applications


A novel circularly polarized antenna is proposed at 902–928 MHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical band for implantable applications. By properly positioning the feed and shorts, either right-hand circular polarization property or left-hand circular polarization property will be realized. Slow wave concept is used by loading patches to the radiated loop antenna to achieve miniaturization. Therefore, a compact size of 13 mm$,times,$ 13 mm$,times,$ 1.twenty seven mm is obtained. Compared to the unloaded loop antenna of the same size, the centre frequency shifts from 1.ninety three GHz to 882.five MHz, which suggests a miniaturization of fifty four.four%. The simulated results show that a wide bandwidth of eighteen.a pair ofpercent can be realized with $vert S_11vert$ below $-ten$ dB and axial ratio below three dB. The simulated realized gain is $-thirty two$ dBi at 915 MHz. The measurement is carried out in each skin-mimicking gel and pork, and a bandwidth of 27.8% and twenty nine.4% can be achieved with $vert S_11vert$ below $-ten$ dB, respectively. The measurement of $vert S_21vert$ reveals that circular polarization will be obtained for the proposed configuration.

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