New Lightweight AES S-box Using LFSR – 2015


New Lightweight AES S-box Using LFSR – 2015


The project presents a brand new design approach for AES SubBytes transformation (S-box) by using the Linear Feedback Shift Register (LFSR). Within the past, composite field arithmetic (CFA) is often deployed because it effectively produces light-weight and pure combinational design. Unfortunately, the downside of this methodology is that the resultant circuitry is complicated in nature, which ends up in long essential path and high power consumption. On the opposite hand, the proposed answer in this work is relatively easy which comprised of a pair of identical LFSRs, two comparators and a multiplexer. LFRS is utilized to exchange the CFA in performing the multiplicative inversion over GF(twenty eight). The resultant architecture is proven to consume less hardware house and having low routing complexity, hence suitable for lightweight embedded devices.

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