Passive Reconfigurable Triple-Wideband Antenna for LTE Tablet Computer


Passive Reconfigurable Triple-Wideband Antenna for LTE Tablet Computer


A passive reconfigurable triple-wideband tablet computer antenna for the LTE operation in the low band of $698sim 960~rm MHz$, middle band of $1710sim 2690~rm MHz$, and high band of $3400sim 380zero~rm MHz$ is presented. The antenna mainly acts like an inverted-F antenna (IFA) at frequencies within the LTE low and middle bands and like a loop antenna at frequencies in the LTE high band. The reconfigurable IFA/loop antenna is achieved without active switch circuits and occupies a tiny volume of $10 times thirty five times three~rm mm^3$. The antenna is obtained by initial configuring the radiating arm of an IFA to be folded and matched to the device ground plane through a distributed capacitor. Then, the IFA’s shorting and feeding strips are respectively loaded with an inductor and a capacitor. This ends up in good excitation of a resonant mode generated within the LTE low band with the radiating arm length of the IFA solely concerning zero.16 wavelength at 80zero MHz. By further aided employing a high-pass matching circuit integrated among the antenna, a wide low band is obtained for the antenna. The IFA’s 1st two higher-order modes will also be excited in the center band. Owing to the distributed capacitor between the IFA’s radiating arm and also the device ground plane, the two higher-order modes can lead to a wide middle band for the antenna. At frequencies within the LTE high band, the antenna mainly acts sort of a loop antenna operated at its one-wavelength loop mode, which contributes to a wide high band for the antenna. Triple-wideband operation covering the LTE operation is hence obtained. Details of the proposed antenna are described, and experimental results are presented. Working principle of the antenna acting like an IFA a- d a loop antenna at completely different frequencies is discussed.

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