Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna Array With Circular Polarization


Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna Array With Circular Polarization


A design for arrays with beam-steering capability within the azimuthal plane is described. The array may be a four-sector antenna configuration, and every sector part can generate unidirectional radiation with circular polarization (CP). A reconfigurable power divider with broadband operation is intended and used to excite the world components. By controlling PIN diodes, the divider will supply eleven states for the four outputs, and each state is corresponding to 1 CP radiation pattern of the array. Prototypes for the arena array and the tunable divider are, respectively, constructed, and therefore the experimental results of the integrated structure demonstrate that, additionally to the beam-steering capability, the array will also generate bidirectional and omnidirectional radiation patterns between one.9 and a couple of.3 GHz. Moreover, these steerable beams and radiation patterns have a cross polarization of but dB for all azimuthal angles.

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