Physical Hybrid Model: Measurement – Experiment – Simulation (Electronics Project)

A method has been developed, Physical Hybrid Model, to investigate the physical large scale electrical effects of a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) on a distribution grid by scaling the response from a small size Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) platform.

In order to realize the model the control system of an existing RD&D platform was refurbished and stability of components ensured. The Physical Hybrid Model proceeds as follows:

  • Data from a distribution grid are collected.
  • A BESS cycle curve is produced based on analyzed measurements.
  • Required BESS power and capacity in investigated grid is scaled down by factor k to that of the physical test installation of the RD&D platform.
  • The scaled BESS cycle is sent as input to control of the battery cycling of the RD&D platform.
  • The response from the RD&D platform is scaled – up, and used in simulation of the distribution grid to find the impact of a BESS.

The model was successfully implemented on a regional distribution grid in southern Sweden.
Source: Uppsala University
Author: Weingarten, Leopold

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