Principles of GNSS, inertial, and multisensnr integrated navigation systems, 2nd edition [Book review]


Principles of GNSS, inertial, and multisensnr integrated navigation systems, 2nd edition [Book review]


This second edition of Dr. Grove’s book (the initial was revealed in 2008) might arguably be thought-about a new work. At simply beneath one,00zero pages (including the 11 appendices on the DVD), the second edition is eightyp.c longer than the original. Frankly, the word “book” hardly looks adequate, considering the wide selection of topics covered. “Mini-encyclopedia” seems additional appropriate. The hardcover portion of the book includes eighteen chapters, and therefore the DVD includes the aforementioned appendices plus twenty totally worked examples, 125 issues or exercises (with answers), and MATLAB routines for the simulation of many of the algorithms discussed in the main text. Here could be a transient overview of the contents: ??? Chapters one???three: an outline of the variety of positioning techniques and navigation systems; fundamentals of coordinate frames, kinematics and earth models; introduction to Kaiman filtering ??? Chapters four???6: inertial sensors, inertial navigation, and lower-value dead reckoning systems ??? Chapters seven???twelve: principles of radio positioning, short-, medium-, and long-range radio navigation, with intensive coverage of worldwide navigation satellite systems (GNSS) ??? Chapter 13: environmental feature matching. ??? Chapters 14???16: numerous integration topics, including inertial navigation system (INS)/GNSS integration, alignment, zero-velocity updates, and multisensor integration ??? Chapter seventeen: fault detection. ??? Chapter 18: applications and trends. In summary, this book is a superb reference (with numerous nuggets of knowledge) that should be readily handy on the shelf of each practicing navigation engineer. In the hands of an experienced instructor, the book will additionally serve students as a great textbook. But, the dearth of examples integrated in the most text makes it troublesome for the book to function a self-study guide for those that are new to the sector.

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