Roundabout Microsimulation using SUMO: A Case Study in Idrottsparken Roundabout Norrkӧping, Sweden (Civil Project)

Idrottsparken roundabout in Norrkoping is located in the more dense part of the city.Congestion occurs in peak hours causing queue and extended travel time.

This study aims to provide alternative model to reduce queue and travel time. Types of observation data are flow, length of queue, and travel time that are observed during peak hours in the morning and afternoon. Calibration process is done by minimising root mean square error of queue, travel time, and combination both of them between observation and calibrated model. SUMO version 0.14.0 is used to perform the microsimulation.

There are two proposed alternatives, namely Scenario 1: the additional lane for right turn from East leg to North and from North leg to West and Scenario 2: restriction of heavy goods vehicles passing Kungsgatan which is located in Northern leg of Idrottsparken roundabout during peak hours. For Scenario 1, the results from SUMO will be compared with AIMSUNin terms of queue and travel time.

The result of microsimulation shows that parameters that have big influence in the calibration process for SUMO are driver imperfection and driver’s reaction time, while for AIMSUN is driver’s reaction time and maximum acceleration. From analysis found that the model of the current situation at Idrottsparken can be represented by model simulation which using combination between root mean square error of queue and travel time in calibration and validation process.

Moreover, scenario 2 is the best alternative for SUMO because it produces the decrease of queue and travel time almost in all legs at morning and afternoon peak hour without accompanied by increase significant value of them in the other legs. The comparison between SUMO and AIMSUN shows that, in general, the AIMSUN has higher changes value in terms of queue and travel time due to the limited precision in SUMO forround about modelling.
Source: Linköping University
Author: Leksono, Catur Yudo | Andriyana, Tina

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