Sanya-Chinese Hawaii: Through one phoenix to see the big picture (Civil Project)

As the world’s second economy, China has been developing at breath taking pace over the last 30 years. City development planner are blindly seeking to be big, for example, a small city should become middle size city, a middle size city should become a big city, a big city should become a metropolitan city, and a metropolitan city should become an international mega city. City municipalities seek higher GDP year by year.

City mayors will do whatever as long as they could make the most profit and build their city’s profile. Today, real estate is the highest profit industry in China. In order to bring in more financial support, urban planning is done in favor of those with power and capital instead of consideration of equality and fairness. There are increasing conflicts for the different classes of people in the city because the social gaps between the classes are growing.
Source: KTH
Author: Xin Erixon, Ren

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