State management in IPv4 to IPv6 transition


State management in IPv4 to IPv6 transition


The transition of the Web from IPv4 to IPv6 is urgent and inevitable. A series of IPv6 transition solutions have been proposed by the Net Engineering Task Force; nonetheless most of them have not seen success in globe, and some were even obsoleted. Nowadays IPv6 transition solutions are still continuously being puzzled out. The foremost difference among these solutions is the state management, that is a necessary function and contains a profound influence on many aspects of networking, such as addressing, provisioning, and network performance. In this article, we present a comprehensive survey on IPv6 transition solutions from the angle of state management. We first briefly review the essential rationale of IPv6 transition solutions, highlighting the requirement of state management. Then we study various varieties of state management adopted by typical IPv6 transition solutions, specializing in their impacts on aspects of networks. Based on the above analyses, we tend to summarize the applicability of various varieties of state management, and discuss their state-of-the-art application directions that will result in potential future analysis directions in the IPv6 transition process.

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