Survey on the Characterization and Classification of Wireless Sensor Network Applications


Survey on the Characterization and Classification of Wireless Sensor Network Applications


Nowadays, wireless sensor network (WSN) users are demanding additional and additional in terms of choice and diversity of applications. Hence, as the diversity of applications is increasing, it is worthwhile to propose a structure for the set of characterization parameters that enables sketching a taxonomy for WSN applications. This taxonomy is established via an application-oriented approach, identifying the particular services offered by every application. In this survey, we have a tendency to fill this gap within the WSN literature by describing the characterization parameters, organized into six different classes. Our taxonomy for application classification is centered on the various sets of parameters that have high impact on a given future WSN application. Typical attributes and values from connected analysis works are thought-about as a reference, however during this survey, we have a tendency to propose inter- and intra-connections among the thought of application groups. Primarily based on these connections, new application groups are proposed for applications that share common characterization parameters, along with a holistic overview of WSN application taxonomy and also the discussion of the three generations of WSNs toward communication between things and the Internet of Things, furthermore future trends for the development of WSN applications. Moreover, detailed parameters from completely different comes and authors in the sphere of WSNs are joined along for comparison purposes.

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