Sustainability of a Web 2.0 application from the perspective of Actor Network Theory: The case of Libguide (Computer Project)

This study aims to focus on relational controversy about the causes behind the inconsistency in number of students who use a Web 2.0 application named “LibGuide” inside the Linnaeus University and the attempts of program coordinator to develop certain strategies to perform a better use of it in a particular department of Healthcare.

The nature of the problem will be discussed, suggesting that how the these strategies maintained a high significant of use in that department. The research foregoes, as it uses a process of translation which are the moments of struggles by a program coordinator to impose itself by its role to the definition of the situation. The research suggests a network within which the series of processes and interrelation of the sociotechnical role of each member is drawn and allocated.
Source: Linnaeus University
Authors: Koczkas, Andreas | Arasteh, Sina

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