Wideband DRA Array Placed on Array of Slot Windows


Wideband DRA Array Placed on Array of Slot Windows


A dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) with $varepsilon _textr = 35.nine$ and excited by a printed microstrip line is taken into account. Such an element achieves fourpercent matching bandwidth with unidirectional radiation patterns. However, when a rectangular slot is fabricated on the bottom plane beneath the DRA, a sixty% bandwidth is achieved with bidirectional radiation patterns. The mutual coupling between two components is found to be of low level for the complete bandwidth. To boost the front-to-back ratio of the antenna, a reflector created of conducting strips parallel to the antenna polarization is placed behind the slot window. Linear (H- and E-planes) and planar arrays are fabricated and tested achieving smart agreement between simulated and measured results providing high confidence on the simulation.

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